What are the top wedding venues in Guam for a dream destination wedding?

What are the top wedding venues in Guam for a dream destination wedding?

Envisioning a picturesque beachfront ceremony or a lush tropical garden reception for your dream destination wedding in Guam? Look no further! Guam offers stunning wedding venues that will make your special day even more magical. From luxurious beach resorts to charming chapels, there are countless options for you to choose from. In this guide, we will explore some of the top wedding venues in Guam, helping you narrow down your options and make your dream wedding a reality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stunning Beachfront Locations: From Tumon Bay to Ritidian Point, Guam offers breathtaking beachfront wedding venues for couples dreaming of a tropical destination wedding.
  • Luxurious Resorts and Hotels: With world-class amenities and beautiful views, Guam’s resorts and hotels provide the perfect backdrop for a dream destination wedding.
  • Cultural and Historic Sites: For a unique and memorable wedding experience, couples can choose from Guam’s cultural and historic sites, such as the Plaza de España or Inalåhan Latte Site.

Types of Wedding Venues in Guam

Some wedding venues in Guam cater to different preferences and styles. Whether you want a beachfront paradise, a luxury resort ballroom, an intimate garden setting, or a historical site with a story, Guam has it all for your dream destination wedding.

Beachfront ParadisesLuxury Resort Ballrooms
Intimate Garden SettingsHistorical Sites with a Story

Beachfront Paradises

With pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters as your backdrop, a beachfront paradise in Guam is perfect for a romantic wedding ceremony. The sound of the waves and the warmth of the sun on your skin create a relaxing and picturesque setting for your special day.

Luxury Resort Ballrooms

If you prefer an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, luxury resort ballrooms in Guam offer exquisite venues for your wedding reception. Impressive decor, spacious dance floors, and top-notch service and catering will elevate your celebration to a memorable event.

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Intimate Garden Settings

Surrounded by lush tropical foliage and colorful blooms, intimate garden settings in Guam provide a serene and romantic atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. The natural beauty and peaceful surroundings offer an unforgettable backdrop for your exchange of vows.

Historical Sites with a Story

Perceiving Guam’s rich history and culture, historical sites with a story can add a unique and meaningful touch to your destination wedding. Ancient ruins, traditional architecture, and storied landmarks provide a fascinating backdrop for your special day.

Planning Your Guam Wedding: Tips and Tricks

Despite the excitement of planning your wedding in Guam, there are always important things to consider. Here are some tips and tricks to help make the process smoother:

  • Start Early: Guam is a popular wedding destination, so start planning well in advance to secure your preferred venue and vendors.
  • Local Assistance: Consider hiring a local wedding planner who knows the best venues and vendors on the island.
  • Marriage Requirements: Make sure you understand the legal requirements for getting married in Guam.
  • Weather Considerations: Guam’s climate can be unpredictable, so have a backup plan in case of inclement weather.
  • Budget Wisely: Keep in mind that hosting a wedding in Guam can be more expensive than in some other locations.

Though planning a destination wedding can be challenging, taking these factors into consideration can help you avoid any unexpected issues and ensure that your wedding in Guam is everything you’ve dreamed of.

Understanding Guam’s Marriage Requirements

When planning a wedding in Guam, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the marriage requirements. You will need to obtain a marriage license from the Office of Vital Statistics in Guam and provide certain documentation, including a valid passport and birth certificate. Additionally, there may be a waiting period before the marriage license is issued, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Best Times of Year for a Guam Wedding

Guam experiences a tropical climate with a wet season from July to November and a dry season from December to June. The best time for a wedding in Guam is during the dry season when you can enjoy beautiful weather and clear skies. However, keep in mind that this is also the peak tourist season, so accommodations and venues may be more expensive and in high demand.

Sourcing Local Vendors and Entertainment

When planning a wedding in Guam, it’s essential to consider the local vendors and entertainment options available on the island. From florists and caterers to musicians and photographers, Guam offers a wealth of talented professionals to help make your wedding day unforgettable. Embracing the local culture can also add a unique and authentic touch to your special day. Reach out to local vendors and artists to bring a taste of Guam to your wedding celebration.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Your Venue

Your wedding venue sets the stage for your dream destination wedding in Guam. It’s important to choose a venue that reflects your style and can accommodate the size of your guest list. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose the perfect venue for your special day.

Identifying Your Wedding Vision and Guest List Size

Before you start your venue search, it’s important to identify your wedding vision and the size of your guest list. Think about the type of setting you envision for your wedding – whether it’s a beachfront, garden, or a historic location. Consider the number of guests you plan to invite, as this will help you narrow down your venue options. Having a clear vision and guest list size in mind will make it easier for you to find a venue that suits your needs.

Comparing Different Venues: Visits & Virtual Tours

Once you have a general idea of your wedding vision and guest list size, it’s time to start comparing different venues. Research potential venues online and schedule visits or virtual tours to get a feel for each space. Pay attention to the overall atmosphere, available amenities, and the layout of the venue. Take note of any specific features that stand out to you, and consider how each venue aligns with your vision for your dream wedding.

Securing Your Venue: Deposits and Contracts

After you’ve found the perfect venue, it’s time to secure it for your wedding day. Contact the venue to inquire about availability and pricing, and ask about the deposit and contract requirements. Be sure to review the contract carefully, paying close attention to the cancellation policy and any additional fees. Once you’ve reviewed and signed the contract, you can officially secure your dream wedding venue in Guam.

Weighing Your Options: Factors to Consider

Not all wedding venues are created equal, so it’s important to consider several factors before making a decision on where to tie the knot. Here are some things for you to think about before booking your dream destination wedding venue in Guam:

  • Proximity to accommodations and activities
  • Venue capacity and amenities
  • Accessibility for guests
  • Weather and seasonality
  • Budget and costs

The decisions you make about these factors will ultimately shape the overall experience of your wedding in Guam.

Proximity to Accommodations and Activities

When selecting a wedding venue in Guam, it’s crucial to consider the proximity of the location to accommodations and activities. You want to ensure that your guests have easy access to lodging options, as well as nearby entertainment and sightseeing opportunities. This will enhance the overall experience of your wedding celebration and make it more convenient for everyone involved.

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Venue Capacity and Amenities

Another important factor to consider is the capacity of the wedding venue and the amenities it offers. You want to make sure that the venue can comfortably accommodate all your guests, and that it provides the necessary facilities and services to make your special day run smoothly. Consider whether the venue offers on-site catering, bridal suites, and other amenities that will contribute to the success of your wedding.

Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding in Guam

Unlike a traditional wedding at home, a destination wedding in Guam offers unique advantages and challenges. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding if a dream island wedding is right for you.

Epic backdrop for your special dayPotential travel and accommodation costs for guests
Less stress and more relaxationCoordinating with local vendors from a distance
Unique cultural experiences for you and your guestsPossible language and communication barriers
Combining wedding and honeymoon in one unforgettable tripUnpredictable weather conditions
Memorable and intimate celebration with loved onesLegal and paperwork requirements in a foreign country

Advantages of Island Nuptials

For the adventurous couple, an island wedding in Guam offers an unparalleled backdrop for your special day. You and your guests can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the island, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The relaxed island atmosphere can also help you feel less stressed and more at ease, allowing you to truly savor every moment of your wedding celebration.

Considerations and Challenges

However, it’s important to consider the potential challenges of planning a destination wedding in Guam. Coordinating with local vendors from a distance can be difficult, and you may encounter language barriers and cultural differences along the way. Additionally, unpredictable weather conditions and the legal requirements of getting married in a foreign country are important factors to keep in mind. It’s essential to be prepared for these potential challenges and consider how they may impact your dream wedding in Guam.


Q: What are the top wedding venues in Guam for a dream destination wedding?

A: Some of the top wedding venues in Guam for a dream destination wedding include Hyatt Regency Guam, Lotte Hotel Guam, and Dusit Thani Guam Resort. Each of these venues offers stunning ocean views and luxurious accommodations for a memorable wedding experience.

Q: What amenities do these top wedding venues in Guam offer?

A: These top wedding venues in Guam offer a range of amenities including beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces for ceremonies, elegant ballrooms for receptions, on-site catering services, bridal suites for getting ready, and coordination assistance from experienced wedding planners.

Q: Are there options for different wedding styles and sizes at these venues?

A: Yes, these top wedding venues in Guam cater to a variety of wedding styles and sizes. Whether you envision a large, lavish celebration or an intimate beachfront ceremony, these venues can accommodate your preferences. They also offer customizable wedding packages to fit your specific needs.

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